Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A day of new begins...

So, I am sure I am not the first to say this...I have never blogged before. Many of my good (and talented and savvy) friends tell me it is a good thing to do. I like to write, but find very little time for such things, so what better way to get some thoughts out there in little spinets??

Today was a good day (even if I woke up wearing my crabby-pants...too many anxiety-ridden dreams). Today was a new day. Today many of us woke up with more hope than we had a week ago (even if we were donning crabby-pants...all moods can still be filled with hopefulness). Today (and yesterday) felt a little different. Today many, many people agreed that they were proud and viewed the American flag in a different light.

Today was also special because it marked the day after the one year anniversary of Bohemia's re-open and new begin in our spanky and quirky space at 2920 E. Broadway in Tucson, Arizona (a fine and lovely town!!). To celebrate today, my lovely employee (and art goddess) Keli and I rearranged and spiffied up the digs for a opening this weekend for mega-talented artist Sam Esmoer (and also to begin a new year!!). At times the project was frustrating (crabby-pants do not help these types of projects), but also very rewarding...the place is looking FANTASTIC!! I am very proud to call Bohemia my baby. I am very proud of the accomplishments of the shop (in less than two months my baby will be six years old!). I am very proud of the artists we work with and all those that represent Tucson.

I hope today was good for you, too.

( first blog out of the way. I have to say that it really helped my crabby-pants loosen up a little!)

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