Sunday, January 25, 2009

We rocked it last night...

Bohemia hosted it's first opening of 2009...and how!! There was incredible art on the walls, tons of art-lovin' folk in the house and one of the best damn bands in Tucson rockin' it out!! Even though I was exhausted from too many 12++ hour days preparing, I had a smashing time!!! (Thanks to all who came out and supported!!)

The featured artist: Sam Esmoer

The rockin' band: The Mission Creeps

Sam+The Mission Creeps=Awesomeness

Sam does these richly colored funky oil paintings. His themes are mostly dia de los muertos, the barrios of Tucson and the characters within and music. The pieces usually look like they are pictures taken with a fisheye lens and there is always something more off the canvas that draws in the story. His paintings usually invoke a feeling of solitude while being very romantic at the same time. They are pretty special. The show will be up until Feb. 18th and should really be seen!! (Actually, the entire place should really be seen right now. We celebrated a great December with some new displays and a little freshen up of the place. We also brought on some new artists. It really looks AMAZING!).

The Mission Creeps are just fun, creepy goodness. And they are REALLY good! They combine the best of surf, punk and rock to bring you a delicious experience. They can rock (and we only had one person leave because it was too loud...sorry, but sometimes we like to push the limits a little) and the bassist is a woman which adds to their greatness for sure. I don't think I can do them justice, so check them out on MySpace or the next time they play out. I have a little crush on them right now!!

It was a great night and a wonderful way to end this fabulous and historic week. Again, thanks to all who came out and made it special! to rest my tired dogs!!

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